Get ready for some real family fun…

Had enough of the same old sounding kids’ music? If so, it’s time to party with coolbabies! coolbabies music products promote bonding time for you and your little ones by providing tunes that are fun to sing along with, danceable, and funny. Our non-traditional approach is fresh and exciting for youngsters and adults, which means more quality time together!

coolbabies Music volume 1 - Assorted Fun Pack also exposes children to a number of musical styles such as Funk, Folk, R&B, Country Bumpkin and Electronic!

So put the music on, grab the little ones and have fun boppingaround the living room, kitchen, or anywhere! At coolbabies, family fun time is serious business!

coolbabies Music volume 1 - Assorted Fun Pack track listing:

1. It’s My Crib feat. Little Rebel  view lyrics

2. Makin’ A Stink feat. Michelle Mondesir, Robert Ball & Young Fella view lyrics

3. Honeydew feat. Nick Tripe & Sandy Clark view lyrics   watch video

4. All The World’s A Toy feat. Richard McCarthy, Kerri Michalica & Paul Rossi view lyrics

5. Car Ride Song feat. Young Fella & Oriana view lyrics

6. Sit On Your Bum When You Eat feat. Eric Lepp & Abby 1 view lyrics

7. Cats & Dogs feat. Kerri Michalica view lyrics

8. Mama feat. Frank Roy view lyrics

9. Baby’s Got The Blues feat. Aidan Miller view lyrics

10. Breakin’ The House feat. Abby 1 view lyrics

The Players:

Abby 1: kid stuff on 6, 10
Adam Webster: guitar on 6
Aidan Miller: lead vocals, piano on 9
Alistair “Danny” Robertson: saxophones on 5, 8, 9, flute on 3
B1: drums/percussion/programming on all
Brian Wall: fiddle on 4
Chris Diraddo: bass line on 1, bass guitars on 4, 7, 9
Chris Putman: banjo, pedal steel guitar on 4
DJ Zero-something: scratches on 2, 10
Eric Lepp: lead vocals on 6
Frank Roy: lead vocals, bass on 8
Jake Zapotoczny: piano, organ, keyboards on 1-2, 5, 7-8, 10
Jesse Markowitz: trumpets on 2
Kerri Michalica: lead vocals, guitars on 7, BUVs on 4, 7
Little Rebel: lead vocals on 1
Michelle Mondesir: lead vocals, BUVs on 2
Nick Down: football harmonies on 2, claps on 4
Nick Tripe: lead vocals on 3
Oriana: chorus vocals on 5
Paul Rossi: guitars on 1-6, 9, BUVs on 4, programming on 3, 6, co-production on 1-4, 6
Pete Tremblay: guitar on 4
Richard McCarthy: lead vocals on 4
Robert Ball: BUVs on 2
Roman Riccio: bass on 2
Sandy Clark: BUVs on 4
Scott Sockovie: guitars on 8
Shem Ali: guitars on 2
Stephen Simons and the Welland Eastside Kids: football harmonies on 2, 8
Whyte Dawgg: football harmonies on 2, claps on 4
Young Fella: spit-ups on 2, 5, 10
Produced by B1.
Engineered and mixed by B1.
Additional mixing by Nick Down on 2, 3, 7, 8.
Drums on 4, 7-9 engineered by Erich Preston.
Drums on 9 engineered by Shane McCurdy.
1-2, 4-5, 7-8, 10 mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions.
3, 6, 9 mastered by Karl Machat at Mister’s Mastering House.


01 - It’s My Crib

Verse 1:

Up and running, my senses keen
Got a set of new legs – now I’m on the scene
She doesn’t dig it, I’m out of sight
It’s all the same, a game with a blame – she’s alright

Verse 2:

They don’t get it, they think I’m bad
This is fun like I’ve never had
I’m acting big, I took a chance
I stole a dime from my old man’s pants
He didn’t dig it, they don’t get it…

Chorus 1:

It’s my philosophy
I’m not bad I’ve just got to be me
Nothing’s wrong if I’m gone it’s alright
It’s my crib, won’t go down without a fight

Chorus 2:

It’s my philosophy
I’m not bad I’ve just got to be me
Nothing’s wrong it’s just a song it’s alright
It’s my crib, won’t go down without a fight

02 - Makin’ A Stink

Verse 1:

Hey, I know your face and you look down
And I know you made a mess all around
Don’t try to hide it, and don’t you deny it
This is the way it has to be


(You’re makin’ a stink)
Baby, Baby I know
(You’re makin’ me think)
It’s time to make a change now
(It’s off to the sink)
I will remind you of this one day

Verse 2:

Now, you stand alone and make no sound
Cause I know what’s up has got you down
Don’t try to tell me, and don’t try to sell me
This is the way it has to be

03 - Honeydew

Verse 1:

Juicy and sweet, juicy and sweet
Juicy and sweet from the rind to the meat
Good for you and it’s good for me
Sweet and delicious for the whole family

Bright as the sun, hello everyone
Honeydew, honeydew come get ya some
One dollah, one dollah, one dollah whoa!
Eat your honeydew you know you can’t say no!


Honeydew, do what I say please
Honeydew, do what I say now
Honeydew, do what I say not what I do

Verse 2:

Came home from school one July afternoon
My Mama said you baby you must eat honeydew
Honeydew this, honeydew that
Honeydew for the parakeet and the cat

Honeydew us, honeydew them
Honeydew taste just like a ten out of ten
Honeydew to eat for every meal of the day
Honeydew makin’ me dance the night away, hey!

Verse 3:

Roll it like that, roll it like this
Rol it like this you know you just can’t miss
Roll it to the East, roll it to the West
Don’t drop it on the floor you’ll make a big sloppy mess

Do the honeydew do the honeydew, Honey
Do the honeydew it don’t cost no money
Do the honeydew do the honeydew,
Do the honey do the honeydew, do the honeydew, whoa!

04 - All The World’s A Toy

Verse 1:

Billy was just a young boy, ‘bout three years less a day
A normal kid, Billy liked to run and you might say he liked to play
But kids these days get bored of dolls and balls and dinky cars
Them kitchen cupboard bandits, they ride off with the cans and jars


And it doesn’t really matter if you’re a girl or a boy
The only thing that matters is all the world’s a toy

Verse 2:

One day Joanie’s dad got to watching football on the TV
She’d been in her room with the bears and the dolls serving up some tea
And then it was time to put on the shoes and the make-up and the dress
And then mom came home to find Joan alone in a lipstick eye shadow mess

Verse 3:

Now I don’t mean to sound like I’m sounding mean, but I do have to say
Why play with toys when the remote control is more fun any day?
So we grown-ups have to try to understand and see it their young way:
When you’re a kid the world’s your playground, so relax and let the kids play

05 - Car Ride Song

Verse 1:

Temps getting’ high so the windows are low
Mom’s got the keys so we’re ready to go
Got power in my wheels I don’t want to go slow
Me without my car is like an arrow with no bow

Seats so soft like a satin pillow
Black leather gloves so I look like a pro
Never hide anything, always let it show


Take a look at me, I’m on the town
Daddy tells me to slow down
So let’s go on a big car ride
We’ve got to drive this love all around

Verse 2:

This ride’s beginning, wheels they spinning
Drive by the game, want to see who’s winning
Young Fella’s spittin’ and keeping it simple
Bass drum kicking with the sound of a cymbal

Car ride’s got a lot of scenery to see
From the sky to the school to the ocean to the trees
Hand out the window doing waves in the breeze
So take a look at me

06 - Sit On Your Bum When You Eat

Verse 1:

A meal, a snack
At the table for a treat
Time to take a break,
Take a load off your feet
You’ve got to turn the TV off
At the table have a seat
You have to sit on your bum when you eat

Verse 2:

A meal, a snack
I’m bringing messy back
Poppa’s got a brand new rag
He’s on a clean attack
Criss-cross apple sauce
Promise to repeat
You have to sit on your bum when you eat

07 - Cats & Dogs

Verse 1:

Have you ever walked down the street, and a cat came and rushed at your feet?
Were you ever feeling blue, and a dog came and sniffed at your shoe?

Chorus 1:

But the people don’t say hello, or look you in the eye
They judge too quickly before they smile, and sometimes you wonder why

Verse 2:

Maybe if we tried to be as friendly as the cats and the dogs
Just maybe we would see there’d be peace for you and me

Have you ever walked through the fog, and seen a stick being chased by a dog?
Or have you ever sat in your house, and seen the cat having tea with the mouse?

Chorus 2:

But the people don’t go outside, they sit home and watch TV,
No real living, no real plan, well that’s not the life for me

Verse 3:

Maybe if we tried to be like cats and dogs and had more fun
Just maybe we would see, our lives are like a ray of sun

08 - Mama

Verse 1:

Always acting cute, just one of the tools you use
Making all the ladies melt when you flash those baby blues
Your game I see right through, cause I’m a player too
Now I’m gonna have my turn and there’s nothing you can do


Come around here with something to prove
Trust me boy you’re gonna lose

If you think we’re playing well I’ve got news for you
(We’re gonna send you back to your Mama)
Hangin’ round, acting cool, too much attitude
(We’re gonna send you back to your Mama)

Verse 2:

Give me just a minute now, let me try to understand
Cruise into town in your plastic ride, and you think that you’re the man
Your crying’s all the same, straight up tired and lame
If you think I’m all talk boy, well I’ve got other plans

09 - Baby’s Got the Blues

Verse 1:

I’m just a little baby, trying to learn my don’ts and dos
I’m just a little baby, trying to learn my don’ts and dos
But sometimes it isn’t easy, sometimes I get the Blues
Well I went over to Grandma’s and I lost one of my shoes
Yes I went over to Grandma’s but I lost one of my shoes
Now Mama’s so angry, this baby’s got the blues

Break 1:

She said “boy you’ve got to learn, don’t you scream and shout”
“You better learn your lesson good, before you get a time out”
Yeah, this baby, this baby’s got the blues
I said Mama’s so angry, this baby’s got the blues

Break 2:

They told me that it’s nap time, from 2 o’clock to 3
But I’d rather be awake, Mama can’t you see?
I said this baby’s got the blues yeah…
Mama’s so angry, this baby, she’s got the blues

Quiet time:

You know I love my Mama, I try to treat her right
You know I love my Mama, I always try to treat her right
So I’ll let her take it easy, gonna hit the bottle and pass out for the night


Mama’s so angry, this baby’s got the blues